It’s A Girl Thing

Is something special today ?? yes it is ..  Since 2012 UNITED NATION marks  October  11th  as International day of girl child !! Sometimes  we as young girls forget how blessed we are to have facilities which million of other girls around the world don’t have , like access to education, internet, making their own life decisions , instead are forced into child marriage , sex slavery , child labour. There are girls who don’t have choice what happens to them. Their abilities are impeded and they are trapped in darkness by their own guardians. They do not get anything they deserve, and are unfamiliar with the outer world.

This day is not just about women’s right which we do talk about a lot in our community but specifically its about Girls Right.


Don’t hold us back, together we fierce, we can change things. We think of happiness , a Li’l rough day is huge trouble to us But there are millions of child bride who never have a choice.while we are holding on to dreams .. Some of us have to work hard for living ,some of us too soon, there are millions of us who have to work without any hope and shattered dreams. If we are boxed in and our potential is blocked there is no way for peaceful living. Its time for us to overcome all these affairs.

“We have the responsibility to make sure that they get their rights and  can grow up to be Women they can be.This post was to address all these things going across the world,NOT JUST TO READ TO ACT !!”